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Martinsville, VA Carton Flow Pallet Rack

One of our previous customers reached out to us to help them solve a material handling need at another of their warehouses. The customer stored material that was to be picked for order fulfillment and they needed a rack system that allowed them to load material from the back and pick material from the front. We worked with them to increase their ability to pick orders more efficiently.

To meet our customer needs we used Husky Rack & Wire uprights and beams and Unex Manufacturing to supply skate wheel carton flow tracks. Our system used two 8’ high by 48” deep teardrop uprights to create a 96 inch deep and two 8’ high by 36” deep uprights  to create a 72 inch deep carton flow conveyor. The beams were infinitely adjustable position beams that bolted to the uprights which allowed for additional height adjustments. This allowed us to adjust the beams to the perfect pitch for the carton flow conveyor.

Each section also got wire decking on the top to allow for extra pallet storage above the carton flow conveyor. The carton flow tracks dropped into the step beams and utilized metal hangers that made the back end flush to the top of the beam on the infeed side while having a .5” lip on the outfeed side. This essentially turned the front beam into their package stopper instead of needing an additional product to accomplish this goal. Our system enabled the customer to increase their order fulfillment efficiency by allowing them to load material from the back, pick and move the material from the front, then send a packed container down the conveyor to be processed for shipment.

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