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Clemmons, NC Drive-In Pallet Rack Section

Our customer, Atlantis Food Service, located in Clemmons, NC stores and distributes food products for local stores and restaurants.They reached out to WNCMH to help maximize the storage potential in their facility. We scheduled an in-person meeting to discuss the customer’s needs and to take field measurements to begin the process of finding a solution. 

While meeting with the customer, our sales representative took field measurements and discussed the products the customer wanted to store more efficiently. Based on the information provided, the customer needed to store multiple pallets with the same SKU (all the items on the pallets are the same). At that time, the customer was having to stack their pallets on top of each other leading to potential product damage.

WNCMH’s solution was to install a Ridg-U-Rak z-rail drive-in pallet rack system that allowed for the storage of 3 pallets deep by 2 pallets high for a total of 90 pallet positions. The system was designed to store 48” x 40” pallets and each position in the rack had a capacity of 2,500 pounds.

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