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All products manufactured by J&L are made here in America and carefully controlled in-house to their designed quality procedures and material specifications. All wire has been zinc-coated using their own proprietary coating process. Other manufacturers offer painted and powder coated decking claiming that they are superior in performance, but recent controlled laboratory testing has confirmed that J&L’s galvanized products out-perform the competition.

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Galva-Deck® is an inexpensive galvanized wire mesh deck that rests on the horizontal support beams common with pallet racks. Each deck is reinforced with formed galvanized metal channels that are welded to the wire mesh. The number and size of each channel as well as the size of the wire, is dependent on the working load specified. Wire decking is strong, safe and easy to install. Testing has shown that the reflective quality of the galvanized finish will help to brighten any warehouse. Each and every deck is a product of the United States, designed and assembled with pride.

Basic Construction

Galva-Deck® comes in a variety of sizes and patterns to meet any need. Wire is drawn to stringent specifications and zinc coated for protection. All channels are formed in house from galvanized metal tape and ordered from internally designed material specifications. Based on your requirements such as rack configuration, size, and working load, wire and channel gauges are selected along with the pattern and number of channels needed to provide the desired end result.


Pallet racks are not the same, nor are they manufactured to meet the needs of a single industry. For this reason, they require the deck manufacturer to be flexible in their design of the pallet deck to assure that the deck fits properly with the rack, and at the same time provides the necessary strength to support anticipated loads. Besides the more common deck configurations, J&L provides custom decking to fulfill this market need. Listed below are some of the more common configurations found in warehouse decking that are manufactured using their zinc coated wire and welded support channels.

• Standard Waterfall – Decking designed with an edge bent 90° overlapping the horizontal support beam of the pallet rack to help hold the wire deck in place.

• Inside Waterfall – Identical to the Standard Waterfall, except there is no overlapping of the support beam. Instead, the deck is flush with the horizontal beam and the edges rest within the step beam. This design is ideal for use in tight areas and when the front or rear beams must be open for bar coding.

• Single Rivet Shelving (for bulk storage) – These single-riveted bulk storage decks are specially designed to fit 5/8” step beams. The single rivet shelving also features available underside wires for increased capacity.

• Double Rivet Shelving (for bulk storage) – J&L bulk storage decks are designed with waterfalls in the front and rear for safety when loading shelves manually. Waterfalls prevent clothing and cloth items from catching and tearing, while also protecting employees from injuries to hands and forearms when reaching for products. These lightweight storage decks are designed to fit 5/8” step beams and are produced with three or four wires running front to back on the underside of the decking, providing added support to the shelving unit.

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