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Carolina Material Handling was founded in 1971 and has remained a small family business ever since.  Will started with CMH in 2014 and was fortunate to be assigned to the western Carolina region. His region spanned from Winston Salem to the western tip of North Carolina. While at CMH, Will has had the opportunity to help a large number of clients move and store their materials more efficiently.

Founder’s Note

Will created WNCMH in 2016 to better serve his community and region.  By cataloguing the products that their partner, CMH, makes available to its customers in this central location, Will has created a resource that opens up material handling equipment to a wider range of customers who may not be aware of the solutions available to them.  WNCMH prides itself on providing personalized material handling solutions that meet its customers’ needs and solves their problems. We work closely with each and every customer to ensure that they get exactly what they need and focus on helping them to understand their custom solutions so that they can be confident in their decision and in operating their business in new and better ways.

About Will

Will grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina where he lives with his wife, Sarah, and two year old daughter, Abigail. He’s a die-hard fan of the Carolina Panthers and takes pride in his life-long connection to North Carolina. Will is dedicated to serving North Carolina and the surrounding states and hopes to be able to contribute to the growing economies of the region by helping companies increase profitability through efficiency and space management.

In 2020, Will graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in innovation leadership and entrepreneurship. During his time at Western, Will focused on learning what can make businesses more efficient and profitable.  He’ll bring that focus to your business in designing solutions that make your operations run more smoothly and utilize your space and processes in the best possible way.

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We pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s needs by providing quality custom solutions.

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